Military Circus by Geo Kalev and Simeon Simov

Military Circus by Geo Kalev and Simeon Simov.
An In Your Face call for world peace by two Bulgarian authors.

The mutilated limbs and red-painted faces of the figures comprising the Soviet era monuments in Sofia today are an even more vivid display of the horrors of war than the original design. These figures has become sinister historical 3-D clowns contrasting the pictures of the living ones from the rest of the collection.
Large format (200×150 cm) exhibition for 3-D anaglyph glasses.
The 3-D stereo effect of still and dynamic images is based on the binocular vision phenomenon. This vision is derived from the brain-conducted comparison of images coming from both eyes. The differences between these two images are due to the two slightly different angles at which the surrounding world is observed simultaneously. The encoding of the needed two images onto a single plain is done by the use of the three basic colors (Red, Green and Blue), and this single image is later decoded with the help of 3-D glasses with mutually blocking color filters The 3-D glasses are not intended for constant use or observation of the sun. People using corrective glasses or contact lenses must put them on before use. Not recommended for people suffering from epilepsy or other brain trauma.

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